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By Fair Means

We can train the body, accumulate experiences, and mentally prepare ourselves in order to be one with nature to withstand increasingly extreme conditions. We challenge ourselves in nature, our mind and facing our fears: surfing, climbing, sailing and following off-the beaten tracks into the wild. We write this message because every day we see more people with no respect for the elements, usually with little or no time and with the wrong mindset: Money can buy everything.
For many the End is the ultimate goal, holding in contempt the value of the learning process, despising the physical and mental strengthening, and underestimating the power of experiences. 
We want to value the figure of the English mountaineer Albert Frederick Mummery (1855, Dover, England - 1895, Nanga Parbat, Pakistan), who, more than a century ago, was the first person to attempt to climb a mountain over 8,000 meters. Albert said he climbed 'by fair means' and had no problem turning around, if the venture was too difficult, as on 'Dent du Geant', when he and his companions decided to stop the attempt in front of a block of granite that was too slippery to cope with in a free climb attempt. That day he left a bottle with a message that said: 'Impossible by fair means’. He turned around and descended.
While  writing  this text, we are getting informed about warnings of the modification of some climbing routs in Margalef. The 'Víctimas Perez', 'Gancho Perfecto' and 'Samfaina' routes, among others, have undergone carvings or filings that have modified key sequences, facilitating their ascent. We absolutely agree on the point of view of the well-known Basque climber Iker Pou made the following reflections:
- How far could the human ego go?
- If we are not able to ascend a route, would it not be better to go another route and come back even stronger?
- We have always understood climbing as a game of self-improvement, so why lower the standard of the routes to our level?
Each one of us have their own capabilities and limits. Also each and everyone have a different desire to explore them. The “First” and the “Best” is just one, but we believe that the key is to enjoy the journey in this amazing play ground called “nature”.
Challenge your abilities in nature, our premise is to do it by “fair means”. 

Melou Clothing Team.