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  • Monteverde Overshirt

    Our wool overshirt. 


    100% wool fabric with 390g/m2 weight, made in Portugal. This is not merino wool and the garment itches, keep this mind before buying. Warm and comfortable, we have been using samples of this garment for more than a year and has become one of our essentials.

    Wool is a good insulator as well as being excellent at regulating body temperature, providing warmth without overheating us and drawing moisture away from the skin. The fabric is also slightly moisture repellent allowing us to avoid the feeling of wetness. 

    Additional Info

    - Melou brand label on the inside.
    - Bone dark buttons
    - Pre-shrunk. It doesn't shrink when washed.
    - Cold wash. 30º max.
    - Air dried during the windy part of any day.
    The guy in the picture is 183cm tall and 74kg, is wearing a size M, measurements.
    - Made in Portugal.