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About Us

‘Melou Clothing Company’ was born in September 2011 in the hands of four friends who unknowingly started walking in the same direction. Each developed different tasks, although all related to artistic or professional activities such as design, clothing and marketing. Gradually we all evolved within our fields, improving our knowledge, experience and skills taking us to where we are today. The individuality that each of us bring to the table, is what makes us grown as one.

All our collections are a reflection of our way of life and how we live it.

Based on this concept, in ‘Melou Clothing Company’ we design our products from scratch, creating unique pieces that reflect our personality.

This process begins searching and choosing fabrics, designing patterns, creating prints… When the design is finished, we start with production. Always being in direct contact with the workshops allows us to create a personal relationship with our suppliers and brings great value to our garments.

Throughout the entire design process, we remain faithful to our ideals and are not influenced by commercial pressures, trends or fads. The idea is simple: make clothes that we like to wear.

We are looking for an alternative to fast fashion, that holds a philosophy contrary to the majority of global textile manufacturers. We manufacture clothing that lasts and can be used for many years.

“Find what you love, and let it kill you”

Attributed to Charles Bukowski, has become a pillar of the brands meaning. We think that life meant to be lived and what you love doing should be what eventually ends it.

Our live goes through different stages with incredible moments that we will never live again. From our point of view there is nothing wrong with this, except make sure you live even single moment.

We pursue our dreams though out sport, on a professional and personal level.

We know it will not be easy and that along the way we will find obstacles, but they will not beat us down. This motivates us to face and overcome the challenges we pursue. It’s not our successes that make us improve, but our failure that make us grow. That’s what makes us strong and consistent in our work and, ultimately, in our lives.

Boundless dreams, work hard and stay humble.

This is our way.

Thanks to all of you that help us move forward.

Melou Clothing Team.