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Bio Tint

Some of our products have been dyed in 'Minority Denim' factory in Portugal using their 'Bio Tint' technology. They use coffee, onion, urucum, sappenwood, mulberry, walnut, sappely, eucalyptus and other organic wastes to produce dyes without using chemics. All their colors are pastel tones, very close to earth colors.
They are some inconvenients using this technology such as a limited range of colors, less solidity to laundering and sun, higher productions costs..
The reasons why we start dying some garments with this technology are that we like the color range and of course the none use of chemicals. We cannot dye all our garments with this technology yet, but this is our starting point.
 Wash and drying instructions:

How they define theirselves:

'BioTint emerges as one of our innovations but in this case we have decided to give a different approach and make productions internally (they are focused on sampling washes for brands, that's why), in our facilities for our customers, with the main reason for ensuring quality, process control and philosophy. It is a process in constant maturation and with a prediction of endless evolution.

Adding the note that this process cannot be seen as an alternative to the replacement of conventional processes. We want to propose an alternative to the market, not change it radically.

BioTint is a new, 100% organic and sustainable dyeing technology made in Portugal from organic waste of roots and seed extracts.'




We want to share what this guys are doing because it's a real process, no green washing and no green marketing. If you have a brand and you want to contact them here is their website: