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    Fábio Dias is the direct trade partner who has supplied us with this micro-lot from Ilicínea in Sul de Minas, Brazil. It performs beautiful as Espresso and as an allrounder on the travels. Our coffee can fully showcase the processing expertise of the farm and our aim of roasting single origin and single variety coffees only. This naturally processed Yellow Bourbon is roasted light-medium for Melou.

    We produced these collaboration t-shirts for the staff but with a limited stock available to buy in the coffee shop as well as wide variety of other beans. Visit our friends of 'Número C' (@numero__c) when you come to Tarifa!

    Additional Info

    - Brazilian arabica coffee
    - Notes of chocolate and nuts.
    - Roasted in Tarifa at 'Número C' coffee shop.
    - Weight: 100g.