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  • Melou Coffee

    This coffee is roasted by our friends of 'Número C' Roastery/coffee shop in Tarifa, Juan Trejo street, 7. Visit them for full espresso experience.

    Our grain comes from a remote coffee region of Siquila/ Colombia, placed along the Andean mountains and the Magdalena river, thanks to the challenging access of this place the coffee remains untreated. After harvesting it gets fully washed.Flavour notes are nutty, chocolaty with a touch stone fruit, and they produce full bodied coffees from the mix of original varieties of castillo, caturra and colombia.Roasted with attention to detail and with a campsite flavour profile on mind. Use with any method. 

    Additional Info

    - Colombian origin coffee roasted in Tarifa at 'Número C' coffee roasters.
    - Weight: 125g.